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About Sinuva

An alternative treatment for Nasal Polyps.

SINUVA is a treatment for nasal polyps for adults who have had ethmoid sinus surgery and are looking for an alternative to repeat sinus surgery.

SINUVA opens in the sinus and delivers anti-inflammatory medicine to treat nasal polyps.

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What is Sinuva and how does it work?

Break the cycle of sinus pain.

SINUVA is a 2-in-1 treatment:

  1. Designed to open the sinus cavity

  2. Delivers anti-inflammatory medicine to treat nasal polyps.

A nasal polyp treatment without surgery:

  • Delivered into the sinus cavity through the nasal opening during a routine office visit

  • Usually cannot be felt once it’s in place

  • Removed at 90 days or earlier at your doctor’s discretion

Does SINUVA work well?

SINUVA was studied in a clinical trial with 201 patients who received SINUVA and 99 patients who underwent a procedure as a placebo. All patients in the study were diagnosed with chronic sinusitis who had already undergone sinus surgery, but were candidates for revision surgery.

Whether they received SINUVA or not, all patients were required to use a nasal spray daily that contained steroids.

SINUVA was proven to shrink nasal polyps and reduce symptoms of nasal obstruction and congestion for up to 90 days. Patients treated with SINUVA had reduced sinus obstruction, reported an improvement in their reduced sense of smell and were less likely to need repeat sinus surgery compared to patients that did not receive SINUVA.

Is SINUVA safe?

The safety of SINUVA was established in 400 patients in 2 clinical trials

  • The most common adverse reactions observed (in more than 1% of subjects and that occurred more frequently in the treatment group compared to control) in clinical studies were bronchitis, upper respiratory or middle ear infection, headache, feeling

  • lightheaded, asthma, and nose bleed

  • Insertion of SINUVA is associated with risks similar to other endoscopic sinus procedures. It may also be associated with local adverse reactions such as nosebleed and injury to nerves or blood vessels in the nose/sinus

  • SINUVA is not for people with hypersensitivity to corticosteroids or those with nasal ulcers or trauma

Is Sinuva right for you?

To learn more about Sinuva, visit for complete indications and safety information. 
If you believe Sinuva is right for you, request an appointment!

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